Made up of high-quality TPR rubber for everlasting use.

Handles are well foamed to get a comfortable grip.

Targets different muscles. Depends upon exercising position.

Can bear heavy tension and weight on it.

Every age group and gender can use it.

Light-weight, portable, and easy to use.




Resistance band exactly what their name sounds like. Using it provides resistance to strengthen and stretch your muscles. Nowadays these types of bands are mostly used in gyms, and training centers. To get a shaped body, to stretch your body muscles there is nothing better than kicking off with a resistance band. For upper body muscle either it is chest, biceps, or shoulder, if used properly then everybody muscle is affected. Made up of High-quality TPR Rubber Natural Latex it is supported by one handle on each side. 2 handles are well covered with foam which won’t hurt your hand while doing heavy exercise. The bands offer multiple training exercises by simply changing the body position to create stress on different muscles.

A perfect alternative to free weight, workouts. Most people use it as an exercising tool for day-to-day exercise. If you have a busy schedule of work and don’t have time for gym or exercise then resistance band is a thing to go. Use it at home to stretch your dull muscles and burn some calories. Resistance band helps work the whole body with ease whether you are at home or the gym. So, how does it work? Resistance band helps to tone your body by creating tension in your muscles. In this way your muscles contract and extract which makes them work harder and grow. If you are starting your journey toward fitness, gym or training centers then a resistance band is a must-have. It will help you achieve your goals. Mercado Nepal brings one of the finest resistance bands in Nepal at an affordable price.


Quantity: High-quality TPR rubber natural latex

.Handle: 2 handles, 1 in each side well foamed

Gender: Both male females, young and old.

Targeted area: The whole-body depends upon the exercise

Versatile: Supports different exercising position

Color: Multiple colors available


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